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The History Maker:
Grand Master Richard Hackworth

By Insun Oh

photo of grand master Richard Hackworth

When speaking to Grand Master Richard Hackworth you will find that he is the hands down expert on the history of Hapkido. As well he should be, because no one has done more to unselfishly promote the military art of Hapkido in our lifetime.

Most of the Hapkido schools in the USA were being run by former G.I.'s who studied Hapkido for only 1 year during their military tour of Korea. Many of whom either bought high ranks from Koreans here in the USA or just promoted themselves through their own organization.

Richard Hackworth decided that if Hapkido was going to truly grow we need to raise the standards outside of Korea by providing Master level training, something that had never been done outside of Korea before. So, he began inviting officials from the Hapkido headquarters in Korea to teach instructor and masters courses in the USA.

Many instructors thankfully took advantage of this and learned skills formerly unavailable to them. Usually you could find instructors and masters from nearly a dozen countries at each of the events that he hosted. However, many of the self-promoter "Masters" of Hapkido in the USA would not attend out of fear of being exposed.

Grand Master Hackworth stated that,"It was never my intention to "expose" anyone. Only to educate." And Educate he did. Not only by hosting events but by traveling the world to teach Hapkido. Grand Master Hackworth has conducted seminars in 31 different countries in the last 11 years with no sign of slowing down. He will be returning to Colombia, Ecuador, England, Australia, and Russia in 2008 alone.

Some of Grand Master Hackworth's many accomplishments include:

Few can claim that they dedicate each day to learning, teaching and promoting martial arts, or that they were handpicked by Korea's highest Masters to be America's first Grand Master. However, that is exactly what Grand Master Richard Hackworth has done. His enthusiasm, charisma and ability to communicate with people of all ages have made him America's most sought after seminar celebrity. Grand Master Richard Hackworth has won international acclaim as an author and martial artist.

Grand Master Richard Hackworth's achievements have been featured in over 1,000 magazine articles worldwide. Traveling the globe, Grand Master Richard Hackworth delivers amazing technical seminars with humor to audiences of all sizes. With an artful way of teaching that is entertaining and motivational, he is known for his ability to impart a vision and clarify a purpose. Combining his thorough research, motivational strategies, humor, wisdom and international perspective, he inspires audiences of students and masters alike.

Everyone Enjoys His Unassuming Approach
To Sharing His Wealth Of Knowledge.

He can be reached at his office in Korea by mail at:
Richard Hackworth
Seoul Tukbyulshi SongDongGu
SongSu 2 Ga 1 Dong 545 BonJi 133-828
South Korea

He can also be reached by e-mail at:

About the author: Insun Oh is the secretary of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association and has worked with Grand Master Hackworth for several years. She can be reached by e-mail at:

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